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Tenute Senia is a modern winery, but with a wine historyancient, dated around 1850. A history full of anecdotes
and memories of times past ... Currently the winery is developed in one of the most renowned districts for
wine production called "Senia". The company currently manages 3 hectares of secular olive groves 3 hectares planted with Loti and 15 hectares of vineyard, producing excellent wines with the best native grapes such as
Frappato, Nero d'Avola, Insolia, Grillo. The company boasts of being in the province of Ragusa the largest producer of lotus. We are located in the ancient production area of ​​Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.o.c.g., local excellence of regional importance being the only Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin ", red wine with a defined historical identity.
Yet now, as in our ancient history, the harvest is a magical rite made of effort and love, we harvest the grapes by hand, passage
essential to select the bunches of grapes that will produce the our best wines. In the millstone takes place a soft pressing that respects the integrity of the skins, the must is transferred to fermenting barrels at a controlled temperature where alcoholic fermentation begins, a process constantly monitored by our Angela to guarantee structure, color, scent, intensity and
elegance of wine. Always under the careful control of Angela we proceed to the racking through
the use of a modern horizontal membrane press, which allows you to perform a delicate extraction, we select the best "Mosti Fiore" from the fermenters that will enhance our selections. The company is located in Contrada Senia, a production area where already in the 15th century a woman was marketing wines and oils, near the Comiso Airport, a fertile area rich in a variety of soils ideal for our crus, such as the Nakrì line of wines produced in a single district, with soils rich in limestone and volcanic subsoil. The company has remained faithful to conventional cultivation. Since 2010 we no longer use "Glyphosate" herbicides, with excellent feedback for our lands, the return to wild herbs such as Amaranth, Borragini, Wild Chicory, Dandelion, Nettle, Mallow , Wild fennel, Portulaca and many others .... We are very careful in respecting the green around us.

Staff of Tenute Senia

CEO Nicosia Angela  +39 3384515929

Sales and reception manager in the winery Nicosia Valentina +39 3804341405

Winemaker Giuseppe Romano +39 337959310

Production manager Zarrillo Antonio +39 3388140590

Delivery manager Nicosia Guglielmo +39 3467356560

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Tenute Senia

Contrada Senia n.9 strada Aeroporto di Comiso

Latitudine 37.022426 Longitudine 14.621163

S.p.5 km. 10

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