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2019 Vinoway Wine Selection

Ti Cuntu ... a wine that tells itself

A wine always has a story inside. You uncork a bottle and you find the scents of the earth, the toil of winemakers.
This is the case for "Ti Cuntu" the 2015 Barricaded Vittoria Rosso DOC from the historic Senia company located in
Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG), in eastern Sicily.
The winery, founded in 1850, starting with its label "Ti Cuntu" or "I'll tell you" about itself.
Touching it you feel the roughness of the dry stone walls that characterize the Iblei.
“For us the walls - explains Valentina Nicosia, one of the owners - have always been points of support and above all of rest from the fatigue of work. Hence the idea of ​​the Ti cuntu line of wines, which bring you back to the memory of when you sat on one of these walls, perhaps with a glass of wine in your hand and told each other, we talked about this and that. We do little these days ".
The texture of the dry stone wall also revives the emotions of those who look at the landscape in which the vineyards are immersed, among carob trees, olive trees, roses, field herbs.
Only 1500 bottles, all numbered, 60% Nero d'Avola and 40% Frappato, produced with the precious collaboration of the oenologist Peppe Romano. Six months in steel, plus 18 months in tonnaux, and then 6 months of bottle aging.
The color is intense ruby red, full and almost impenetrable, thanks to the considerable presence of anthocyanins. The minerality of the soil is reflected in the nose where it is also possible to find soft notes of vanilla, ripe morello cherry, dried flowers, vanilla and even scents of cocoa and leather. In the mouth it is warm, dry, velvety, with soft Gallic tannins that embellish the sip. This red is persistent, fine, fresh and savory on the palate.
Overall a balanced wine of great value and it is for these excellent characteristics that it was awarded at the Vinoway Wine Selection 2019 with the vote of 90/100, re-entering the Silver selection.

2018 Vinoway Wine Selection

Nakrì: the wine of the dancing nymph

A wine with a pleasant sip that manages to best express the land from which it is born: Sicily. Land of fine vines and myths like the one that tells of a Nymph, the same one depicted on the label.
The wine is Nakrì, Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico of the Senia farm, in the Ragusa area, and the Niymph is the one that, dancing together with two others, around the world, collected stones, fruits and small parts of land. The myth tells that when he reached a place with a blue sky, he threw what had been collected into the sea and a fertile land, Sicily, emerged from the waves.
And Nakrì is a wine that by drinking it brings us back to this story and to that of many women who in ancient times danced, in the evening, to drive away the fatigue of working in the vineyard. The company is located a few kilometers from Chiaramonte Gulfi, in one of the districts most suited to the production of the only DOCG on the island. It is owned by the Nicosia family who have dedicated themselves to viticulture since 1850. Today his descendants are at his guide: we are in the seventh generation.
A total of 17 hectares of vineyards where we find the classic Sicilian vines, such as Frappato, Nero d'Avola, Insolia and Grillo, flanked by a small percentage destined for Syrah breeding. From the grapes produced, 10 wine labels are produced. These include "Nakrì", 60% Nero d'Avola and 40% Frappato. Alcoholic fermentation with maceration on the skins for about 8-15 days at a temperature of 25 ° C, followed by a maturation of 12 months in steel tanks and finally an aging in bottle for 6 months.
Zero wood.
A production process followed carefully by the oenologist Giuseppe Romano who gives a wine that is easy to drink. Pouring it into the glass, the 2014 Nakrì flows through it with a good consistency. It has a deep, consistent, warm ruby ​​red color. The nose releases notes of ripe red fruit such as black cherries, cherries, plums and even pomegranate. There are also spicy notes, toasted dried fruit and a little mineral.
The taste is fresh in the mouth, good acidity, balanced, intense, with a good structure. It is appreciated for its soft tannins and gives a good persistence. Ideal to accompany succulent, grilled and braised meats as well as aged cheeses.

Nakrì Cerasuolo di Vittoria Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico selezionato da Vinoway Wine Selection 2018

2018 Vigen - Review of Wines from Sicilian Native Vines

Great success with the public for the exhibition dedicated to wines from Sicilian indigenous vines which took place in Cefalù, in the province of Palermo. The first edition of Vigen, the event organized by the ARCOM association (Artisans, Merchants and Restaurateurs of the city of Cefalù), which animated the city of Cefalù and saw the monumental complex of the former Rettoria as a central place di San Domenico with tasting benches, masterclasses and conferences.
Vigen's initiatives include voting with a special card, by the public, of the best white wine and best red wine tasted at the tasting tables. The Grillo Vigna di Mandronova 2018 by Alessandro di Camporeale and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico 2015 Nakri by Tenute Senia received the recognition. The two winning producers Benedetto Alessandro and Valentina Nicosia were awarded a plaque.

Vigen 2018 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico Il nostro Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico 2015 premiato come miglior vino rosso a Vigen