Ti Cuntu Labels

 When you think of the Hyblaean Mountains you come to his “Dry stone walls”, an element of recognition for our province and clearly visible from our wineny. The walls have always been, in our history, a symbol of boundary boundaries. In ancient times the children took to “Spitrari” to clean the soil from the stones, they were piled up and then used to build the dry stone walls. For us the walls have always been points of support and above all of rest from the hard work. Hence the goddess of the “Ti Cuntu” “I’ll tell you” line ... sit on a dry stone wall and have a glass of wine and talk about it. These days we stop shortly to tell each other. Can a photo and a tag tell about us? The dry stone wall seen as a meeting point between the winemaker and the taster. The label as geolocation of a wine, of a company. In the background of the label the Iblei Mountains, Mount Etna, Chiaramonte Gulfi city and our vineyards that pose on these valleys, in the foreground a dry tactile wall, and a bush of Wild Myrtle, symbol of our district Mortilla. Simple and particular elements of easy memory. The texture of the dry stone wall wanted to let the distant people live the same emotions we feel when we look at the panorama from our company. We uncork the bottle of wine and find all the scents of this land, the carob, the olive tree, the prickly pear, the fig tree, the wild red fruits, the roses, the field herbs, borage, wild senape with its white flowers, the daisies. Sincere wines that tell the effort and love for this work and that remain faithful to the winemaking traditions of our district.

White wine :

Ti Cuntu Vino Spumante Bianco Igt Terre Siciliane (Sparkling wine)

Ti Cuntu Insolia Igt Terre Siciliane

Ti Cuntu Grillo Sicilia Doc

Red wine

Ti Cuntu Syrah Igt Terre Siciliane

Ti Cuntu Frappato Igt Terre Siciliane

Ti Cuntu Vittoria Rosso Doc