The province of Ragusa

The Tenute Senia farm,   excellent wine cellar in the province of Ragusa, is located 3 km from the international airport of Comiso,

 connection point strategic for the whole province.

Places to visit near our winery

  • Chiaramonte Gulfi city of DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and above all city of Museums, 9 museums to visit thanks also to the collaboration of
    Local Pro.Loco. below is the link that takes you back to the institutional website

      Chiaramonte Gulfi Vini Mortilla

Museums of  Chiaramonte Gulfi

  • Comiso city of churches, 6 historic churches of all rebuilt in style
      baroque. In the early 1900s during the excavations for the construction
    of the current town hall, revealed a Roman bath complex.

Comiso Vini Mortilla

Around Comiso

  • Victory.   The city was officially founded in 1607 by Countess Vittoria
    Colonna Henrquez-Cabrera, one of the first Women of Wine in ours
    province of the Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

Comune di Vittoria Vini Mortilla

Find out Vittoria

  • Ragusa Capital of our province, "heritage of humanity"
    recognized by Unesco and privileged "set" by well-known directors
    contemporary cinema

Ragusa Vini Mortilla

Ragusa Tenute Senia

  • Ragusa Ibla, film set of the Commissario Montalbano.

<<Need be smart to come to Ibla, a certain quality of mind, the
taste for the silent and burning tuffs, the dead ends, the turns
useless, the shutters sealed on a black look that spies.. >> (Gesualdo Bufalino)

Ragusa Ibla

°  Modica, homeland of Modica chocolate. Unesco heritage city and destination of   thousands of visitors who are enchanted by its charm and
its history, bewitched by the landscapes of other times and delighted by its own gastronomy.

Modica vini Mortilla

City of Modica

  • Scicli. Mormina Penna way, due to the rich presence of eighteenth-century buildings, e the Beneventano palace represent a masterpiece of the creative genius human of the late Baroque age

Scicli e il suo barocco

Punta Secca Montalbano Vini Mortilla

Punta secca

  • The Donnafugata castle reveals its sumptuousness: the building covers an area of about 2500 square meters and a large neo-Gothic façade, crowned by two side towers, welcomes visitors.

Castello di Donnafugata Vini Mortilla

Castle of Donnafugata

Il nostro albero di Banane Da anni crediamo nella biodiversità del nostro territorio


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