Talé and Rosé Labels

The dawn that stands out among the Hyblean mountains and a woman dozing in her awakening, a call to Spring where everything is life, the swallow that returns to cheer up, with its songs, the vineyard that blooms. The small flowers, yellow and white daisies that accompany the vines in the rows. The roses that bloom from a drop of dew, the wild blackberries, red and black that stand out from the first green of its brambles, the orange blossoms, the almond blossom and finally the lotus flowers ... all inebriated our countryside full of emotions full of sensations. Everything is love in wine: here are our Talé and Rosé, intense wines full of emotions that inebriated the air in those beautiful summer evenings, enclosed in a simple label that recalls the symbols of our land from the Sicilian sun up to the meticulous drawings of Sicilian carts.

The White Wine:

Talé Grillo Sicilia Doc

The Rosè Wine:

Rosé Rosato di Frappato Igt Terre Siciliane