Nakrì Labels

From the union of the painting “La Danza di Matisse” the harmony of the female dance and the cave drawings of the Addaura cave an intense male dance, our “Nakrì” line was born, the union of woman and a man. Nakri is the key that encompasses our land the Trinacria and above all the continuous research to give value to this island full of facets. Sicily, sometimes rude, but always a woman to love, vain and stubborn. In the Nakrì line we find three wines that symbolize our land, the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Classico, the Vittoria Nero d’Avola DOC and the Vittoria Frappato Doc. The idea of three women, different from each other based on the character of the wine they represent, printed in a soft “cotton paper” label, that dance express their femininity with their sinuous, sensual bodies, almost to touch each other when the three bottles are joined. You stop and admire the beauty and try to touch them, touch the hair, the texture, the hardness of the signs of the rock, which continues on the lines of these women’s bodies. We love to remember the legend that is handed down from generation to generation that tells the birth of Sicily: The “Three nymphs”.
It is said that the three Sicilian promoters who give it the famous triangular shape were born thanks to three beautiful nymphs. The myth tells that these three nymphs went around the world dancing and collecting stones, fruits and small parts of the earth from the most fertile soils. Arrived in a region with a clear blue sky, the three nymphs began to dance throwing into the sea everything they had collected during their journey. So slowly the three promontories were born. At that point the sea enclosed between the three promontories was irradiated by the light of a rainbow and became land, filling the space that separated the headlands. Here from the waves emerged an island with the shape of an inverted triangle, with a mild climate and fertile land: Sicily or Trinacria. We dedicate this label to all the women, who in the early evening danced to the rhythm of music to forget the hard work of the harvest. We dedicate it to us young girls (Angela and Valentina) that we decided to stay in Sicily and aim to relaunch this beautiful land.
La linea Nakrì Si narra di Tre Ninfe..